Pet Turf Systems: Advanced Technology

There are a number of benefits to home owners when it comes to installing Pet Turf Systems in gardens.

The first one that springs to mind is how much rover just loves to dig, so for anyone that loves to keep their grass green, perfect and luscious… synthetic grass is the perfect call. Your puppy love won’t be digging any holes in this garden. It’s incredibly easy to clean, as well as keeping it sterile, and you will never worry about muddy paws again. This is why it’s a popular choice at dog kennels.

No need to worry about mowing the lawn, because this grass never grows, add to that there is no need to feed or water it either and you’ve just found a great time saving material. Since there is no need to mow there won’t be added carbon emissions from a petrol motored lawn mower. Not to mention that you’re minimizing the pollution that water tends to carry into the drains after a heavy rain.

When it comes to wear and tear, synthetic grass truly stands the test of time- pets (and children) leave patches of the yard with bald patches which turn to mud, which means a large mess. Laying artificial grass prevents this problem, and withstands even the toughest of beatings. Which is why many professional sports use it on their fields.

With Always Green we have the solutions to the problems before you even have them. We stock Turf Fresh, which is an excellent solution for any lingering smells created by pets. It can be applied to the artificial grass directly and its active enzymes work to break down the bacteria that causes unwanted odors. It’s organic, too, do it’s totally safe for the kids, your pets and the rest of your family.

There’s also Draincore, which provides drainage for your pet’s synthetic grass. It has replaced the previous technology of stone and metal pipes. The backing is perforated which allows additional drainage, on top of Always Green’s perforated turf. It’s easier to install and works at a higher rate than the traditional method.

Our pet turf is durable and has been designed for comfort for your furry friend. The polyurethane coat on its backing provides extra strength for rough play.

In the latest technology, Durafill is making waves. It prevents animal urine from being absorbed, eliminating bacterial spores from the infill. It doesn’t degrade over time either, so there is no need for a repeat application. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly, and it does not heat up in warm weather.

When you look at all of these amazing benefits to installing synthetic grass for your pets, you’ll be left scratching your head in wonder as to why you didn’t do this sooner.