Benefits of a Synthetic Grass Lawn

In recent years, the popularity of synthetic grass has grown significantly for a number of reasons, but mainly to the Synthetic Grass Benefits. Not only are homeowners looking for a permanent solution to having a beautiful backyard, a lot of homeowners, especially in California, are also facing a water crisis that prevents them from maintaining a natural grass lawn. But why are so many people turning to Synthetic grass? The advantages, plain and simple. From saving money to saving time, especially on lawn maintenance and it can also improve one’s lifestyle along with helping with environmental issues. Here are some benefits:

Maintenance benefits

There is no doubt at all, that in our busy lives time becomes more precious as we seek to juggle all our responsibilities. Mowing the lawn can take 2 to 3 hours out of your week and that is for a normal sized yard. Synthetic grass needs very little maintenance and can free up a lot of your time.

The life span of synthetic grass depends on a number of different factors such as the amount of foot traffic and general weather conditions of the area, but on average, you can consider the lifespan of a synthetic lawn to be around 12 to 15 years. Obviously, since you aren’t dealing with natural grass, you eliminate a lot of back-breaking issues associated with maintaining a natural lawn. First, you don’t have to deal with common grass diseases such as brown spots. These diseases can leave an eye sore in your backyard, while synthetic grass will always be green and beautiful. A synthetic lawn will also reduce the presence of common garden weeds and pests such as fire ants.

Financial benefits

This is where things can get slightly confusing, because of all of the different synthetic lawn installers out there to choose from. The difference is most will try and sell you cheaper, inferior looking fake grass where we use only the best, realistic looking grass available on the market today. The cost of artificial grass will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of grass and the land coverage you require. With a synthetic grass lawn, you will be saving money by no longer having to pay the cost of running a lawn mower, applying lawn fertilizer and pesticide, as well as any other costly maintenance fee involved with having natural grass.

Environmental benefits

Last but not least, you will also be playing an important part in conserving your environment. For example, installation of an artificial lawn would generally reduce the amount of fertilizer and pesticide used. This, in turn, reduces the amount of ground pollution coming from your backyard. In places like California where there are long droughts, it has become even more crucial to use products like synthetic grass. Your water utility bill will be reduced significantly once the natural lawn is replaced. Implementing water conservation methods such as utilizing rain barrels will reduce the costs even further! According to the Synthetic Lawn Council, a natural grass lawn can use 55 gallons of water per square foot annually.

It Always Looks Great

No matter the season, Synthetic grass lawns can withstand all conditions. Whether it is desert-hot or ice age cold outside, your lawn will remain green always. The synthetic grass has gone a long way and it now resembles natural grass very closely. As a result, it is able to transform any unassuming landscape into a vibrant and lush area.

Your Dog Will Love it

Nothing makes a dog happier than being able to play all day in a verdant environment. And, since the lawn is able to withstand a lot of punishment, you can safely let your dog play around. Also, sometimes dogs will chew on the grass blades, but not synthetic grass. They will completely ignore it. And dog owners will be happy when they see just how much easier it is to clean up after their furry friend’s business with a synthetic grass lawn. Even dog owners living in apartments are utilizing synthetic grass for this purpose. Any odor left by your canine can be removed with some water and a mild detergent.

Safe for Children

Since a synthetic lawn is absent of any weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals you would have to use on a natural lawn, they are perfectly safe for your children to play on and this also means a happier play experience for them. In fact, many cities are now starting to use synthetic grass due to this trait.

As you can see, there are plenty of great benefits associated with synthetic grass. Whoever you decide to have install your artificial grass lawn, we highly recommend getting an estimate and a free consultation from Always Green Synthetic Grass and then get other estimates to directly compare both our prices and the quality of our services.