Artificial Pet Grass, a form of Pest Control

Spiders, Moles, Mice and Bugs, Pests can’t thrive on our Pet Grass!

Ticks, mosquito, moles, mice, spiders and other bugs these pests make maintaining a traditional grass lawn very painful with all of that use of dangerous pesticides to keep them out and never for good as they’ll keep coming back! Traditional Lawns also take a toll on your wallet and spare time, not to mention your patience.

Throw all of that maintenance waste out the window with our artificial grass lawns today! Pests can’t live or thrive on synthetic turf. They’ll have limited access to soil, little to none organic food, and artificial grass is bacteria resistant preventing growth.

And what about mosquitos and all of that standing water? When a yard is being prepared for installation, the ground is leveled to reduce the amount of dips and valleys that trap and funnel water or create pools for which mosquitos thrive and reproduce. The soil is then covered with a fine layer of decomposed granite or class II road base (crushed concrete) to evenly fill in holes and to level. A drainage system is then put in place that helps to eliminate any standing water as well.

Small animals like rodents, moles and mice feed on the shoots of normal grass as they emerge from below the ground are cut off and do not have access to soil, your lawn will will not thin out or become barren and discolored.

Synthetic grass can give you a low-maintenance, pest free lawn without the baggage of a traditional one!Call now for a free estimate (714) 833-7077 or write us at