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Leading sports turf installer Always Green, installing sport turf systems throughout California with experienced and certified representatives. All Always Green sport turf systems are quality controlled on site by 3rd party installation inspectors. Contact us to learn more.

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Every project is planned by our technical design team to exacting standards in order to ensure precision installation.

Turf Installation

Every project is planned by our technical design team to exacting standards in order to ensure precision installation.

Sports Turf Cleaning Maintenance

Turf Maintenance

Every project is planned by our technical design team to exacting standards in order to ensure precision installation.


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GreenFields® has years of experience in construction and installation and manufacturing, coupled with their ongoing research and development efforts and their uncompromising commitment to total customer satisfaction have made them a globally recognized name.

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Residential and commercial, we are Orange County’s Premiere Synthetic Turf Solutions Provider. More specifically, we install, maintain and repair the most realistic, long-lasting synthetic turf in the industry and now we are strategically partnering with industry leaders adding even more value for our clients.


Textiles technology group Royal Ten Cate (TenCate) is a multinational company, which develops and produces solutions that are sold worldwide for the protection of people and their working and living environment. TenCate manufactures various types of synthetic turf here in the USA.

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Few sports can even compare with the brute force and fighting spirit of Football. It is a real American tradition.


Soccer is the worlds most played and most popular sport and it is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States.


Numerous considerations when selecting the playing surface for Baseball. You want the best turf solution for your players.



Lacrosse is a game that moves fast and is loaded with action. Players need a safe playing surface and gameplay environment.


Field hockey is a game of speed, a game that places high demands. It demands a playing surface that can take a beating.


Advancements in sports turf surfaces in recent years offer unlimited opportunities for improving Rugby play-ability.


Our Innovative Sports Turf Systems

Synthetic turf provides a playing surface that is geared toward durability and performance. The governing bodies of major professional sports like FIFA (the International Federation of Association Football), the IRB (International Rugby Board), and the FIH (the International Hockey Federation) all use and endorse synthetic turf as the playing surface of choice for professional matches.

We are pleased to offer a versatile line of sports turf products that provides solutions for many major sports organizations that would otherwise be using natural grass. There are many benefits to using our artificial turf. It offers the benefits of superior safety and performance and also meets certain requirements that would be impossible to achieve through use of natural grass in terms of consistency uniform levels in playing field conditions.

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Always Green Sports Turf Systems: Where having the BEST and playing your BEST are one in the same.

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