Relieve Stress with a Backyard Putting Green, no joke!

“Commuting in Southern California on the 405, 101, 5, whatever other freeway and then being stuck in an office 5, sometimes 6 days a week can be stressful. The commuter’s need for a backyard putting green is evident!”

Not to mention a detriment to your health keeping up with your busy schedule over a long, sustain period of time. So why come home to another chore? I’m referring to your traditional grass lawn. You spend your weekends cutting and maintaining real grass while sweating to the oldies. Mowing grass can also be stressful and unhealthy in Orange County’s smoggy conditions. What’s the Always Green Solution? Your grass is half empty, replace it! Install a synthetic grass lawn and a backyard putting green for good measure.

“STOP coming home everyday to MOWING, SEEDING, WATERING, CRABGRASS, etc… and take back your weekends, money and time!”

Sounds expensive huh? It’s not! Plus, earn back every penny of the installation with every putt you make. On average the ROI of an Always Green Backyard Putting Green is reached in less than a year’s time for most Californian residence. Checkout our “Artificial Grass ROI” article for the actual breakdown and numbers.