Artificial Grass Grave Coverings, honoring graves of the dearly departed

Artificial Grass for Graves and cemeteries!

Artificial Grass for graves is a growing trend in honoring our dearly departed. A beautiful lush green lawn on graves and public graveyards is a great way to honor our dearly departed ones. Artificial grass makes the ideal material of choice for this application. Flander’s Field and Wargraves along with other public cemeteries have already discovered the beauty and the maintenance advantages of our artificial grass coverings.

Commemorate your dearly departed with a beautiful Always Green Synthetic Grass grave covering instead of a traditional grass lawn that turns brown half the year.


Public graveyards are looking their best and benefiting with low-maintenance of an and always green lawn. Artificial turf will brighten up any plot and any time spent honoring the departed. Call us today for a free estimate and for examples of our work. We’ve had customers through Southern California who have already benefited from our installation services.

Installation is easy and once installed no need to worry anymore about maintenance. Our wide range of artificial grass grave coverings are all non fade, durable and come with a 15-year guaranteed.

Here are some examples of our artificial grass grave installation, a complete transformation. Perfect looking and maintenance free! Artificial grass for graves, artificial grass for monuments, artificial grass for cemeteries, artificial grass for graveyards, it’s the ideal surfacing for all honoring applications!

If you’re interested in Artificial Grass for Graves, grave lots vary in size so please know your measurements for an accurate estimate. We offer a discreet, professional service and can meet with you in person on location.

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View our artificial grass grave coverings photo gallery below…