Purchasing DYI Artificial Grass Systems from large discount stores (Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.)

With artificial grass popping up literally everywhere throughout Southern California. Artificial grass is now even available at places like Costco (PreGra Artificial Grass), Lowes and Home Depot. These big discount stores provide their customers with a version of artificial grass that is on the lower side of the spectrum when it concerns price, but also quality. That old adage comes into play here, “You really do get what you pay for.” Especially in this situation. Here are some reasons to consider before making a rash decision and buying from Artificial Grass Home Depot or the other big stores…

Limited selection due to profit over quality

Big discount stores are all about maximizing profits whenever, wherever they can. These guys will provide you with a few select choices that are meant to maximize their own returns, not your choices and options. If there happens to be a product that is a quality product, but they think they can make a little more only showing you the cheaper product line that will move faster, well good luck finding the quality option anywhere in the store. Also keep in mind that these big chain stores have a very close working relationship with China manufacturers. Not always a good sign when quality is concerned.

Limited Testing & Information

A general discount store in not a great resource for finding out the specifics about the artificial turf products that they carry. It really pays to do your diligence here rather than relying on someone else to do it. If you are wanting to know more about the type of activities your turf is meant for, or about the health concerns such as, does this grass contain lead? If it is lead-free, who tested it? Again, keep in mind that these big chain stores have a very close working relationship with China manufacturers and lead-free products are not what China is really known for… Just being completely honest.

Lower Price comes Lower Quality… and more maintenance, repairs, wear, replacement, etc…

What’s the bottom line? BIG discount store chains offer the lowest priced products (not quality long-lasting products) to their customers, so they are less likely to go through a professional landscaping company. The problem is obviously not with lower prices, as any one appreciates a great deal. The real problem is that the products that are available are not always the best quality or safe for your family and pets. Low price, in this day and age, usually means low quality. If you want a lawn that last only 30-40% of its advertised lifespan, then this may be a great option for you. But I think most would agree and see true value in a lawn that lasts as advertised, or as close to that advertised number as possible. Whatever type of artificial grass that you decide to purchase should hold up to years of constant foot traffic without showing wear and tear, otherwise what’s the point of it? The kind of grass available at the big discount home improvement stores is not made to stand up to years of use. And why should it, they are in business to make money and you returning for a complete lawn replacement is just that, more profit. Don’t shoot the messenger, just do the research and consider ALL of your options available today. If you need help breaking it all down, give us a call, we’d love to chat.

DYI or Do it Yourself! Not Professional Installation

If you purchase artificial grass from a discount home improvement store (Home Depot, Lowes, Costco and others), you could possibly be comprising the integrity or the life of your new artificial grass lawn. Most of these stores hire people who are not adequately trained on a professional level or they use third parties (contractors) who may be performing their very first installation… ever… and you are the lucky one. Or, they expect the Home Owner, You, to install their own lawn themselves. As any real Turf expert will tell you, how long your lawn lasts greatly depends on how it was installed in the first place. Artificial grass has gotten a lot of bad news out there lately and it’s primarily due to this factor alone. A bad installation compromises everything, it’s that simple. Mainly due to the lack of experience from many of the so-called professionals preforming installations today, issues are arising within the industry as customers blame manufacturers for seem-tears, rippling, and uneven leveling, even though testing has shown that a good installation would prevent most of these types of issues, if not all them. Lastly, wouldn’t you want your lawn installed by someone who eats, sleeps and works artificial turf everyday? One who keeps up with the latest installation standards within the artificial turf industry? I’d hope so, after all the total investment has you laying down a small fortune.

Nothing beats a professional install

If you’re interested in an estimate for a professional artificial grass installation, then look no further. Whether you use us or not, please, please, please hire a professional who will perform a quality installation using industry standards thus ensuring the long-life of your new artificial grass lawn. It’s worth spending the extra money to hire a professional landscaping company that’s licensed, insured and bonded and one who will guarantee both their artificial grass products and its installation services. Forgot to mention, what about maintenance? If there happens to be a problem with your installation a true professional will be there in a flash to fix it and probably already has affordable artificial grass maintenance plans in place. We do.