AlwaysGreen, Offers Southern California Turn-key Artificial Sports Turf Solutions

From synthetic grass installation to artificial turf cleaning and synthetic turf maintenance, AlwaysGreen provides solutions for every step of the way.

We meet the demands of Sports organizations who are looking for an artificial sport turf solution that stands up to long hours of high-level abuse. Whether you’re switching from a traditional grass field to artificial turf, or wondering if it is time to replace your existing synthetic turf field, the decision really comes with a few key questions that should be considered. AlwaysGreen offers custom-made, sports turf systems for a wide variety of sports, customized installations and long-term partnerships that go beyond the duration of the sports field. We are Southern California Sports Turf Solutions Provider!

Game change from Grass to World-Class Sports Turf

Generally, traditional grass fields break down during the first season, needing complete costly replacement of sod or re-seeding each season. Now consider the fact that artificial turf allows for 40%-50% more usage per season and it’s easy to see why artificial sports turf being seriously considered by major sports venues everywhere, world-wide. Artificial turf drastically reduces maintenance costs by as much as 75% when compared to natural grass fields. Artificial turf is also more forgiving, with natural grass, when it’s damaged, waiting for it to grow back is like watching paint dry. A damaged area, with artificial turf can be replaced in a matter of hours. Traditional grass fields have become less of an asset, this may be time to consider upgrading to an artificial sports turf is durable, withholding to the extreme pressures of professional sports.

Installed Professionally with Confidence throughout Southern California

AlwaysGreen’ partner network of construction, installation and maintenance moves into action installation your game changing sports turf solution. We consider a multitude of factors such as climate levels, soil and drainage before proceeding with the installation. AlwaysGreen has the necessary experience and resources to ensure that each construction of the sports field meets the highest levels of quality within the industry. The finished field will feature superior drainage capabilities, allowing play time all year long.

Get Down with the Upkeep

Installing artificial turf is quite the investment, one that you are going to want to protect ensure maximum life. AlwaysGreen’ warranty is the best in the industry, covering eight full years, and with our regular maintenance, the life of your sports turf could be extended far beyond this warranty period. Well maintained sports turf not only will last longer, it will also help to ensure that the high standards set by the sports governing bodies are never missed. AlwaysGreen maintenance is different, due to the relationship with our manufacturing partners and suppliers. For all of your sport turf maintenance, you can count on AlwaysGreen to deliver above and beyond the standard.

Join the winning team, AlwaysGreen a Southern California Sports Turf Solutions Provider!

Once field replacement is decided to be the needed course of action, AlwaysGreen has the artificial sports turf solution to meet your organization’s requirements. Lowering maintenance costs to providing a long-lasting, durable playing surface proven to meet the demands of a variety of sports, artificial turf can be a game changing experience elevating the game to new levels. AlwaysGreen’ exceptional customer service that guarantees you’ll have a partner every step of the way from design, build, installation, project management and turf maintenance.